An analysis of holden caulfields monologue in the catcher in the rye a novel by j d salinger

The Catcher in the Rye. J D Salingers The Catcher in old Holden Caulfields Custom writing plagiarism disillusioned Catcher the alienation of holden caulfield in catcher in the rye by j d salinger In an introduction to the essay on the topic of 8 ball The Rye was first published in by J D Salinger The central theme Best essay in the book is alienation The story opens with year-old Write my paper reviews Holden Caulfield Summary: Throughout the novel "The Catcher in the Rye".

An analysis of holden caulfields monologue in the catcher in the rye a novel by j d salinger

The events he narrates take place in the few days between the end of the fall school term and Christmas, when Holden is sixteen years old. At Pencey, he has failed four out of five of his classes and has received notice that he is being expelled, but he is not scheduled to return home to Manhattan until Wednesday.

He visits his elderly history teacher, Spencer, to say goodbye, but when Spencer tries to reprimand him for his poor academic performance, Holden becomes annoyed. Back in the dormitory, Holden is further irritated by his unhygienic neighbor, Ackley, and by his own roommate, Stradlater.

Stradlater spends the evening on a date with Jane Gallagher, a girl whom Holden used to date and whom he still admires.


Stradlater teases Holden, who flies into a rage and attacks Stradlater. Stradlater pins Holden down and bloodies his nose. On the train to New York, Holden meets the mother of one of his fellow Pencey students.

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When he arrives at Penn Station, he goes into a phone booth and considers calling several people, but for various reasons he decides against it. He gets in a cab and asks the cab driver where the ducks in Central Park go when the lagoon freezes, but his question annoys the driver.

Holden has the cab driver take him to the Edmont Hotel, where he checks himself in. From his room at the Edmont, Holden can see into the rooms of some of the guests in the opposite wing.

He observes a man putting on silk stockings, high heels, a bra, a corset, and an evening gown. After smoking a couple of cigarettes, he calls Faith Cavendish, a woman he has never met but whose number he got from an acquaintance at Princeton.

Holden thinks he remembers hearing that she used to be a stripper, and he believes he can persuade her to have sex with him. He calls her, and though she is at first annoyed to be called at such a late hour by a complete stranger, she eventually suggests that they meet the next day.

After making some wisecracks about his age, they leave, letting him pay their entire tab. As Holden goes out to the lobby, he starts to think about Jane Gallagher and, in a flashback, recounts how he got to know her.

They met while spending a summer vacation in Maine, played golf and checkers, and held hands at the movies. One afternoon, during a game of checkers, her stepfather came onto the porch where they were playing, and when he left Jane began to cry.

An analysis of holden caulfields monologue in the catcher in the rye a novel by j d salinger

Again, he asks the cab driver where the ducks in Central Park go in the winter, and this cabbie is even more irritable than the first one.

Holden says he has to meet someone, leaves, and walks back to the Edmont.

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She sits on his lap and talks dirty to him, but he insists on paying her five dollars and showing her the door. Sunny returns with Maurice, who demands another five dollars from Holden. When Holden refuses to pay, Maurice punches him in the stomach and leaves him on the floor, while Sunny takes five dollars from his wallet.

Holden goes to bed. They arrange to meet for a matinee showing of a Broadway play. He eats breakfast at a sandwich bar, where he converses with two nuns about Romeo and Juliet. He gives the nuns ten dollars.

He tries to telephone Jane Gallagher, but her mother answers the phone, and he hangs up. · Holden Caulfield - The protagonist and narrator of the novel, Holden is a sixteen-year-old junior who has just been expelled for academic failure from a school called Pencey Prep.

Although he is intelligent and sensitive, Holden narrates in a cynical and jaded In the novel Catcher in the Rye by J.D.

An analysis of holden caulfields monologue in the catcher in the rye a novel by j d salinger

Salinger, Holden Caulfield’s person to talk to, or “confidante”, is his little sister Phoebe Caulfield. At the beginning of the novel Holden describes Phoebe as extremely smart and funny, but as the book progresses her significance in the work progresses Salinger‟s first rate novel, “The Catcher in the Rye” is a fine example of bildungs roman (psychological, moral and social shaping of the personality), a fascinating and enlightening portrayal of inner battles of a teenager Holden  · Summary: How Holden Caulfield displays prophet-like qualities in J.D.

Salinger's classic novel, "The Catcher in the Rye." In the novel, The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger, Holden Caulfield is constantly pestered by phonies. He appears to be trying to establish his own personality in a world of  · Over that half-century I'd pretty much forgotten about "The Catcher in the Rye," though scarcely about Salinger, whose celebrated reclusiveness  · Today marks the 61 st anniversary of J.D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, a novel that introduced us to the most beloved/hated embodiment of disaffected youth in all of literature — and

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