An analysis of the stock report of bp

The annual disclosure forms require members of the Senate and House to specify only a general range of asset values, not specific dollar amounts. Despite his financial interest in the company, the Massachusetts Democrat has taken a hard line on BP in public statements. Carolyn Maloney of New York — confirmed to the Center that that their bosses no longer owned stock in the companies, although they disclosed ownership stakes in

An analysis of the stock report of bp

BP faces Lockerbie allegations BP stops the flow of oil for the first time in 87 days, raising hopes that it could be sealed off for good. The company says it will have to monitor the cap for 48 hours before it can be sure it will hold. BP stops oil leak in Gulf of Mexico for first time since April 19 July Fears about the new cap are raised after engineers detect seepage and a possible methane gas leak on the seabed.

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Admiral Thad Allen, who is in charge of the US government's response, has written to BP demanding answers to "undetermined anomalies at the wellhead".

BP has yet to respond. The prime minister, who is embarking on a US visit, had previously stated that his schedule was too full to include a meeting. Cameron to discuss Megrahi's release with US senators 20 July Allen grants BP a further 24 hours to test the new containment cap, but warns that the government may insist on reopening the well if concerns over seepage intensify.

US gives BP 24 hours to monitor capped oil well 21 July BP admits to using Photoshop to exaggerate the level of activity at the Gulf oil spill command centre.

The picture, posted on the company's website, shows staff monitoring 10 giant video screens. In reality, three of the screens were blank. In an interview on ABC television he argues: I don't think that would be right Would it be right to say that BP has to pay compensation for damages that were nothing to do directly with the spill?

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The 65 ships involved in the disaster response are leaving the site after the storm, which formed over the Bahamas, was predicated to reach the area by the weekend. Tropical storm Bonnie forces BP to suspend relief well drilling 23 July It is revealed that the Deepwater Horizon alarms were switched off at the time of the explosion to allow workers to sleep undisturbed.

Deepwater Horizon alarms were switched off 'to help workers sleep' 25 July As the storm passes, crews return to the site in order to finish work on relief wells before the hurricane season starts.

An analysis of the stock report of bp

Part of the bill will be picked up by UK and US taxpayers. Safety switches at the pumps were stolen in order to close them down, action that BP called "childish and irresponsible".

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BP petrol stations have pumps closed by Greenpeace activists 28 July Tony Hayward points out that he will be too busy to attend a Senate hearing. BP said it would send another representative to testify at the hearing. Tony Hayward's parting shot: Shell could pursue BP for Gulf damages 1 August BP offers one-off lump sum payments to claimants who waive their right to sue the company in an attempt to stem the tide of compensation claims arising from the Gulf oil spill.

BP offers one-off payouts to stem Gulf oil spill lawsuits 2 August BP will attempt to stem the flow of oil with a 'static kill' in the next 24 hours. The procedure involves pumping heavy drilling mud and cement into the well.

BP 'static kill' due in next 24 hours 3 August A whistleblower group reveals scientists within the US Environmental Protection Agency raised concerns with superiors over a chemical dispersant approved for use in the Gulf. BP sprayed almost 2m gallons of Corexit on the slick and at the leak site on the seabed.national commission on the bp deepwater horizon oil spi (-) On April 20, , the Macondo well blew out, costing the lives of 11 men, and beginning a catastrophe that sank the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and spilled over 4 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

News stories about SU stock have trended somewhat positive recently, InfoTrie reports.

An analysis of the stock report of bp

The research group identifies negative and positive press coverage by reviewing more than six thousand news and blog sources in real-time. Latest updates on Bank of America from The Fool has written over articles on Bank of America.

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