How far in your society should

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How far in your society should

How far, in your society, should unpopular views be open to discussion? Students should consider whether it is possible to censor off these unpopular views given how advanced technology is nowadays. Even if it is possible for the state to monitor and censor off these views, it is going to be a very tedious process of monitoring and expensive at the same time.

Students should also consider the benefits of opening up these views for discussion. How will society benefit from it? Unpopular views should be open up to discussion to help the growth and maturity of the society over time.

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At the same time, it helps individuals to be more open-minded and accepting of individuals who are different. For instance, we always have the Hong Lim Park where we can discuss these issues. Unpopular views that are released at an inappropriate time should not be opened for discussion at all, especially when the country is not ready to deal with it.

A case in point would be the insensitivity of Amos Yee releasing a video defaming the respected late Lee Kuan Yew while the nation was moaning about his death. Unpopular views regarding the tyranny of his rule will only serve to tear the social fabric of the nation apart.

It is getting increasingly harder to censor these obscure or even controversial views because of the advancement of technology- especially that of social media. In fact, social media liberates and empowers individuals to voice out their opinions, and given how vocal our youths are, it is only a matter of time that unpopular views surface in the media.

When that happens, it may potentially serve as a learning point for society on how to deal with it.Take 5 Videos: Take 5 minutes out of your day to watch as industry experts share winning business strategies.

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Walk away inspired and ready to take your business to the next level. Tune in now. BP Essay Issue Q How far, in your society, should unpopular views be open for discussion? In May , Singapore’s media regulator, the Media Development Authority (MDA), introduce a new licensing framework regulating online news sites operating in Singapore.

How far in your society should

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Essay on Cloning: How Far Should We Go? Words | 3 Pages. many: should human cloning be a part of our society? Recently the ability to clone a human being has become a very realistic possibility. However, the issue of morality has taken center stage on this topic.

How far, in your society, should unpopular views be open for discussion? Essay Sample

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