Importance of kindness

Of course it is; we live in a competitive environment that emphasises winning at any cost. Nastiness and success tend to go together; this is borne out by the popularity of caustic commentators, narcissistic heroes Don Draper, Stringer Bell and public put-downs The Apprentice. Criticism and cynicism are taken as signs of powerful intelligence.

Importance of kindness

Saturday, April 14, Erasing Meanness When my kids came back from spring break this week, they were greeted with shampooed carpets, new collaboration desk clusters, fully stocked common desks, rotated book titles, and one less fish.

I forgot to bring back Skittles, Importance of kindness classroom fish, who was still sitting on the entertainment center at home. It was very much a fresh start for everyone after the winter grind that brought long streaks of indoor recess, multiple rounds of state and district testing, and a consistent escalation of what my kids call "drama.

For the two weeks or so before spring break, there was a noticeable increase in student counselingcalls from concerned parents, and tears in the 6th grade. Student factions were constantly shifting their allegiances, leaving what were once friends, literally and figuratively standing out in the cold.

The evidence and impact of rumor mongering, which causes emotional pain and hurt feelings, had increased. To me, the meanness was starting to erode away some of the classroom community that we had worked so hard to build together over the last eight Importance of kindness.

Monday, as the kids began sleepily doing their morning work and listening to welcome back announcements, I started to clean the main whiteboard. Tasks like those don't take place when kids are supposed to be learning.

I removed all of the 'stuff' from what is normally our main board for instruction. All the magnets, signs, attendance sticks, etc were taken away or placed on the auxiliary board.

Importance of kindness

I used the 'special' overpriced whiteboard spray and some rags to achieve a perfectly white surface. Just before lunch I showed the kids a short video on how to subtly stand up for someone who is being treated mean or bullied. The following morning I had written, just one word on the board. I then shared some more videos on how bullying happens and how it continues.

The lessons were short, focused and sometimes intense. I didn't want to lecture, I wanted to inform. I wanted the kids to make the connection between the words and actions they choose and how those choices impact others. Wednesday morning, as the kids entered the room, they immediately noticed that the big board was filled with meanness.

Mean words, actions, and descriptors filled the space. I choose to write the words in black and blue, to symbolically represent the physical harm that meanness can rise too.

Importance of kindness

After answering the most frequently asked question of "how long did that take you? Many of the words the kids didn't know, like avarice, scorn, and nefarious.

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However, when placed alongside more familiar words like mean, taunt, and pain, the variety of words helped them understand that there is more than one way to describe unkindness. I shared my personal story of some events and people from my childhood that I still remembered.

Life events that still bring me pain when I recall them. It was difficult at times to tell the stories, but I think my emotions helped land the message that the pain caused by others can last. Friday we were visiting the middle school that my 6th graders will be attending next year, and with it, a glimpse of another new start.

Before we left we watched a powerful video of a young boy who was changing schools and was afraid that he would continue to be bullied and called names.

The video message ends with him making a decision to keep fighting for who he is and a recognition that he matters. Once the video was complete, I silently walked to the board filled with mean words and characteristics, erased one of them, and replaced it with Love.

I wanted to give them an opportunity to define themselves, while at the same time realize that they were in charge of their choices and legacy.

I handed my marker to one of my students and asked them to help me erase meanness and replace it with a word of kindness or a word that they wanted to be remembered by.Sunday sermons are available to download and read or to listen to online.

Current sermons are included in our worship service videos and transcripts are available at the church. ‘One wicked action cancels out, in our perception, 10, acts of kindness,’ says American evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould. Being in a permanent state of mistrust and fear .

Ephesians 4:28

Random acts of kindness are essential to our well-being, as they liberate us from self-obsession, selfishness, and isolation; they are the effect of an open and loving nature. True generosity is giving without expectation, with no need to be repaid in any form.

‘One wicked action cancels out, in our perception, 10, acts of kindness,’ says American evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould. Being in a permanent state of mistrust and fear is exhausting, and doesn’t help us at all. Kindness is such an important characteristic – so we should all work on being more friendly, generous and considerate.

To help you do this, this year I challenge you to complete the 15 random acts of kindness as listed below. I will be carrying them out myself, too. The more people smile, the more the world will smile. 1.

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Tell a joke. 2. Kindness is important because it broadens life's frame of reference. People use it as a sign of respect to value the receiver.

Major religions, such as Christianity and Buddhism, exhort the importance of kindness when dealing with fellow man.

Why Kindness Is So Important | HuffPost Life