Learning by doint essay

Some people learn by doing things; other people learn by reading about things; others learn by listening to people talk about things. Which of these methods of learning is best for you?

Learning by doint essay

For a related essay see: Practice observation drawing because children who gain drawing confidence through observation practice will less likely have the crisis of confidence.

Retention Rates - Hearing, Doing, Seeing - A Training and Learning Myth

Encourage creative work habits. Change habits of work by selecting things that can not easily drawn from memory. Learn about significant art history, art criticism, and aesthetics. To assure observation, do not show any examples or any artwork from art history until near the end of the lesson after the students have completed their own work.

Age and Grade Level This is a good lesson for grades three to adult. This lesson is best above second grade, but younger children do well with it if the blinder is not used.

Younger children do well if they are encouraged to study each shape carefully before drawing it. I find that it is okay to encourage them to make lots of mistakes and draw over the mistakes so they can learn more.

I tell them that I always make mistakes when I am learning a new thing. That is how I learn it. I tell them that when they are finished, they may erase the parts that are not as good, but leave the lines they like best. These instructions help them overcome the fear of failure.

Media Distribute the materials before discussing the process and giving drawing directions. This is avoids disrupting them when they are ready to start working.

Use any drawing media that students are already familiar with. Select paper that is large enough for the drawing tools and art media being used. For charcoal, pastels, oil pastels and paints you could use 12 x 18 or larger. If they work with drawing pencils, ink, ball point, or with small brushes, use a smaller size if time is limited.

Learning by doint essay

This might depend on the the age and prior experience of the students. Review and Introduce The teacher briefly reviews previous lessons that have been similar or related to this lesson.

In this lesson the rabbit was kept secret and hidden until it was used. This avoided distraction before they were ready to draw it. Preliminary Warm-up Students place their 6B soft lead drawing pencils through a hole in the middle of 8 x 8 inch card which serves as a blinder preventing the temptation to look at their paper.

The class does some warm-up practice blind contour drawings of something they have never seen before. Here a piece of soft aluminum cable is used because it can easily be bent into new shapes.

It is easy to follow because it is linear. By using an unfamiliar subject, the teacher can be confident that students will not draw from memory, but they will actually want to observe the lines and shapes they see. Here a pet rabbit is allowed to roam the room. The rabbit becomes the subject of more practice blind contour drawings.Mar 01,  · PARIS — IF all goes according to plan, I’ll turn 44 soon after this column appears.

So far in my adult life, I’ve never managed to grasp a decade’s main point until long after it was over. Play is also plays an imperative role in children’s learning. Play helps them in developing five areas, creative, physical, imaginative, manipulative and social. Wasserman () explains five advantages of .

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Learning by doint essay

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learning activities are therefore essential. This paper will be based on child observation exercise made at Kid Care Child Development Centre. The subject of the observation is A.J (4 year old African.

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