Nigerian roads: economic problems essay

Occasionally, a student will list the proverbial advice to write to your congressperson but when asked how many have actually done that, only one or two respond, indicating it was not part of their education. While "participatory democracy" is lauded in educational contexts, it is not what students are learning. Why should citizenship be viewed in a global context? As the millennium nears, people all over the world are struggling with problems of a magnitude no other generation has faced.

Nigerian roads: economic problems essay

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Some paved roads have lost their asphalt surface and are in very poor condition or have reverted to being gravel roads. Some of the road system is barely usable, especially in high rainfall areas of the south. The Trans-Sahara Highway to Algeria is almost complete but border security issues may hamper its use in the short term.

The Lagos-Mombasa Highway has been awaited for many decades to kick-start trade across the continent.

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It does provide improved highway links to neighbouring Cameroonbut its continuation across DR Congo to East Africa is lacking, as are highways from Cameroon to Central Africa and Southern Africawhich could boost trade within the continent.

The longest are the Niger River and its tributary, the Benue River [1] but the most used, especially by larger powered boats and for commerce, are in the Niger Delta and all along the coast from Lagos Lagoon to Cross River.

Pipelines[ edit ] In Nigeria had kilometers of pipelines for condensates, 1, kilometers for natural gas, 3, kilometers for oil, and 3, kilometers for refined products. Various pipeline projects are planned to expand the domestic distribution of natural gas and to export natural gas to Benin, Ghana, Togo through the West African Gas Pipelineand, potentially, even to Algeria where Mediterranean export terminals are located by proposed Trans-Saharan gas pipeline.

Energy pipelines are subject to sabotage by militant groups or siphoning by thieves.

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Recognizing that the government lacks the funding and expertise to modernize facilities and run the ports efficiently, the NPA is pursuing partial port privatization by means of granting concessions to private port operators.

Under the terms of concession agreements, the government would transfer operating rights to private companies for a finite number of years without forgoing ownership of the port land. The port, which consists of separate facilities at Apapa and Tin Can Island, has a rail connection to points inland.

Port Harcourt, a transshipment port located 66 kilometers from the Gulf of Guinea along the Bonny River in the Niger Deltahandles abouttons of cargo each year and also has a railway connection. A new port is under construction at Onne about 25 kilometers south of Port Harcourt.

Relatively modern and efficient terminals managed by multinational oil companies handle most oil and gas exports.political commentators believe that traditional societies are being transformed into modern societies with traditional features destined for oblivion.

Problems encountered . The economic problems affecting Nigeria development has always been a subject of discuss in the Schools, social platforms and National assembly but the truth is, the canker worm which have derail the economic development in Nigeria.

Nigerian Roads: Economic Problems Words | 13 Pages. Nigerian roads: economic problems DEDICATION This work is dedicated to god almighty for his grace upon me through the accomplishment of .

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Nigerian roads: economic problems essay

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