Structural engineering research papers

Response of Asymmetric Slim Floor Beams in Parametric-Fires State-of-the-art slim floor systems are a newest addition to the composite construction industry and several types are currently being used for building and construction purposes. Asymmetric slim floor beams are a type of slim floor Asymmetric slim floor beams are a type of slim floor systems which consist of a rolled section with a larger bottom flange. The larger bottom flange induces asymmetry and offers an efficient use of the material strength as a composite beam.

Structural engineering research papers

Numerical simulation for horizontal tunnels with vertical alignment affected by static and dynamic loads Most of the researchers are constructed twin tunnels as horizontal, in some cases the twin tunnel vertically overlapping lined horizontal tunnels are constructed in order to avoid the other structure as like pile foundations.

This paper illustrates the 3D numerical model by using software MIDAS GTS NX which is established to investigate the tunnel simulation in order to highlight the effect of static and dynamic load on the behaviour of tunnel lining.

There are several points which have effect on the results of design as like distance between the two tunnels, the stiffness and density of the lining material and ground, the character and magnitude of seismic loading, etc. The depth of the top part of tunnel from the ground level is of 10D m below the surface of the ground.

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Distance of the twin tunnel centres is of 3D m. The 3D numerical models using finite element method software MIDAS GTS NX investigation will be carried out in order to highlight the effect of the tunnel lining response under static and dynamic loads using shield tunnelling method at homogeneous rock formation.

The existing full numerical solutions which were used to make comparison between the results of static and dynamic analysis were concentrated at stress and displacement. Understanding the behaviour of tunnel structures during seismic load is one of the most interesting challenges in geotechnical engineering.

Most of the researchers explain that tunnels generally performed during earthquakes better than structures on the ground surface and shallow tunnels suffer higher damage compared to deep structures.

Tunnel Boring Machines TBM are very complex tools whose main element is the shield that protects and supports the excavation profile, and allows the lining erection and disposal of the excavation materials.

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Due to the application of the static load the stress-strain state around the tunnel periphery is changed, the primary stress state is disrupted and the potential of instability increases. Axial and bending deformations are generated by the components of seismic waves producing particle motion parallel or perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the tunnel, respectively [17].

Structural engineering research papers

Tunnel in rock environment can be subjected to dynamic impact caused by external sources i. Presented analysis considers two cases: In this subject, twin tunnel were studied by more authors like [2]-[3]-[4]-[5]-[6]-[7]-[8]-[9]-[10]-[11]-[12]-[13]-[14]-[16].

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There are many other researchers who have studied this subject but their names have not mentioned in this paper.Journal of Civil Engineering Research.

Journal of Civil Engineering Research is an open access scientific journal intended to bring together the information in different areas of civil engineering . Most Downloaded Engineering Structures Articles The most downloaded articles from Engineering Structures in the last 90 days. Research and practice on progressive collapse and robustness of building structures in the 21st century.

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Structural engineering research papers

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