Ucla personal statement 2013

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Ucla personal statement 2013

A Public Health Blog. Yes, they let me in! This first essay I am posting is the shorter of the two and is called the "personal history statement. Your Personal History Statement gives you an opportunity to add some individuality and depth to the basic information contained in your Statement of Purpose.

You may write about who you are as a person, about your family, your ethnicity, and the experiences that make you unique. This essay will play a large role in consideration for fellowships.

There is also a " personal statement guide " that lists other suggestions, such as discussing non-traditional educational backgrounds, cross-cultural experiences, ability to articulate the barriers facing women and minorities, etc.

The limit for this essay was characters which amounted to words in my essay. So without further ado, here is my personal history statement for the Health and Social Behavior concentration: Men are like gold; women are like white cloth. Men, on the Ucla personal statement 2013 hand, are portrayed as naturally valuable, and their transgressions are easily erased.

Some read this proverb and see a concise explanation for gender-based injustice in Cambodia; I perceive a complex set of circumstances, of which this is but a single layer. Recognizing the complexities of a problem, however, falls short of a plan to restore dignity. I recently had the opportunity to volunteer in Svay Pak, Cambodia, a destination village for pedophiles.

Looking into the faces of young children, some of whom were sold nightly for sex, I saw a juxtaposition of beauty and human depravity. The issue of child sex trafficking is a mosaic with roots in dictatorial oppression, war, culture, poverty, and a lack of mental health resources.

Among other factors, attitudes of disrespect for women as described in the proverb have contributed to the prevalence of trafficking in Cambodia, as well as the inability of victims to reintegrate into communities.

These attitudes have allowed exploitation to perpetuate as a societal norm, creating a public health crisis. A simple-minded approach is to outlaw underage prostitution. But historically this alone has done little to change the environment.

I believe a complex problem necessitates a multi-faceted solution, and it gives me hope that an organization such as Agape International Missions AIM has fostered change by taking this requisite seriously. Through victim recovery programs, job creation, community-building activities, and even a gym where perpetrators can interact with aid workers, AIM is having a transformative impact in Svay Pak.

I also recognize that complex situations resulting in disregard for human dignity are not unique to Cambodia. During my time studying in Ecuador, I saw my classmates disrespect their indigenous heritage, and I learned that few Afro-Ecuadorians attend college.

Through my job in health insurance, I have become critically aware of the millions with inadequate healthcare here in the United States. Locally, as I have volunteered as a Court Appointed Special AdvocateI have been grieved by the roles of mental illness and poverty in the child welfare system.

I believe my diverse experiences are not random, but have coalesced to uniquely shape my heart for all cultures, to open my eyes to intricacy, and to develop my desire to serve. As long as any person is perceived to be lesser than any other, or is held captive to unjust institutions that remain from such views, I feel called to dedicate my life to restoring human dignity through public health justice.

Graduate school at Berkeley is a critical step in transforming my eye for complex problems and love for people into an ability to create adaptable solutions. Be sure to check out my second application essay, the " Statement of Purpose.Personal Statement Feedback - An Online Initiative by UCLA Medical Students For the months of May and June, you can have your personal statement reviewed by a UCLA medical student!

It's first-come, first-serve, and multiple submissions are fine. UCLA’s beach volleyball team won the first NCAA championship in the program’s six-year history, May 6 in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The Bruins, the tournament’s top-seeded team, defeated Florida State, , avenging losses to the Seminoles earlier in this championship and in each of .

personal statement in the admission process. • UC Berkeley and UCLA are very interested in how and why you are interested in this major as an academic discipline that you will be studying once you are at the university.

UC Personal Statement Workshop Author. Personal Statement and Resume Together with the information on your resume and any addenda that you include, the personal statement is your opportunity to articulate the voice, perspective, and contribution that you will make to Berkeley Law’s entering class.

Ucla personal statement 2013

Jul 06,  · Would it be fine to write 'UCLA' instead of 'University of California, Los Angeles' on my personal statement? 'UCLA' saves a lot more characters, but. Jul 31,  · Re: List of Personal Statement Prompts by School Post by Ken» Sun Aug 16, am This article was created with the inspiration of the TLS Content Context (where TLS members get up to $ for creating content for the site) and is definitely one of the best entries yet.

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