Understanding how gigantic earthquake and resultant tsunami are being formed

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Understanding how gigantic earthquake and resultant tsunami are being formed

The seismograph at the Anak Krakatau Volcano Observatory detected an eruption at local time UTCbut the eruption was not observed visually because of cloudy weather. There had been a swarm of volcanic earthquakes about one day earlier, and seismicity had significantly increased 3 hours before the eruption.

After the eruption, seismicity gradually decreased. Although thermal anomalies were frequently recorded in figure 36, bottomthey may have been a result of strong hot fumaroles at the summit dome; no PVMBG or tourist reports indicated active lava flows or ash plumes.


The record indicates regular thermal signatures, which may be a result of strong fumarolic activity in the summit crater. Emission earthquakes increased beginning on 17 February and gradually formed continuous tremor.

Understanding how gigantic earthquake and resultant tsunami are being formed

Satellite thermal anomalies identified by the MIROVA system showed a strong sequence of anomalies around this same time figure 36, top. Harmonic tremor began to be recorded at on 19 February. Almost an hour later, atStrombolian explosions ejected incandescent material m high. Andersen, a professional photographer, visited Anak Krakatau February The eruption earlier in the month had resulted in a new lava flow on the SE flank figure 37 where the September lava flow was located.

He observed that "The new layer of lava-flow is black, compared to the red color of the lava flow. The lava flow has cooled down since the material was deposited. Further, Andersen noted "After having studied aerial views of the crater area figure 38it seems that the source vent of the new lava-flow, is the same vent main, central vent that was involved in the eruption.

On the top of the vent, it now seems to be a lava-dome The new lava flow on Anak Krakatau of February shows up as black material on top of the more reddish colored lava from the September event. The flow came from the new vent at the summit.

Copyrighted image courtesy of O. Andersen used with permission. Aerial view of the summit of Anak Krakatau taken looking E on 25 February The new lava shows as a black flow from the summit toward the upper right into the ocean.

The northern vent is on the crater rim left of the center of the photograph. A comparison of photos from October and February composed by Andersen showed the morphological changes during that time, including the new dome and lava flows figure Incandescence was obvious at night figure 40 and from aerial observations of the lava dome Andersen noted that the area with incandescence was small, and that "the lava dome did not appear to be overly active.

Now the main crater is filled with material, with two lava flows originating from this vent running down on the SW and E flanks. On the northern side of the summit an eruption vent is also clearly observed A comparison of the Anak Krakatau summit area of 26 February and 11 October taken looking west.

Note the new dome in the center of the photo and the new lava that came from the vent and flowed down the SE slope of the volcano. Incandescence from Anak Krakatau on the evening of 25 February Weekly Reports - Index.is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her.

Study of tsunami forces rethinking of giant earthquake theory Date: implications for understanding earthquake hazards." Causes of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami.

Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. The plate that moved causing the Boxing Day Earthquake and Tsunami is called the Indo-Australian plate and reaches from New Zealand to the Himalayas, and. Measuring earthquakes. An earthquake's size, or magnitude, depends on how large its parent fault is and how much it has slipped.

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Understanding How Gigantic Earthquake and Resultant Tsunami Are Being Formed ( words, 8 pages) Introduction A natural disaster is a large-scale adverse event resulting from natural geological or hydrological processes of the Earth that results in damage to .

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