Write a review of macbeth

To write a critical review does not mean you are offering a negative assessment, but rather you are analyzing the text and responding to it.

Write a review of macbeth

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Rupert Goold has a lot going for his production. First off is the key element of casting. Of course Stewart is the main attraction and he is very good. As the violence spreads, so does his intensity and paranoia. Matching him however is Fleetwood as Lady Macbeth.

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She plays the noblewoman as wicked from the get go, greedy for power and willing to push her husband to do the unthinkable.

Of course Lady Macbeth is soon overwhelmed by the world she created and Fleetwood plays those key moments leading up to the sleepwalking scene with great skill.

Setting the story in this mythical s in what appears to be a Soviet controlled country adds a bit of visual interest to the story.

write a review of macbeth

Goold keeps the setting industrial and sparse in nature. The end battle takes place in a bunker or an underground catacomb.

Even the kitchen where several key scenes take place is utilitarian and cold. The few times you see any warmth is in the bedroom of Macbeth and his wife.

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But this scene is bathed in a sickly red light, warm but bloody. Little touches like the listening devices planted in the castle or the huge soviet style poster of Macbeth hanging in the banquet hall add an extra layer to the visuals. Changing the character of Macbeth from a general turned king into a general turned dictator works well.

I also like the idea of having the three witches appear during the film in various disguises. First as nurses and later as cooks as well as servants. It feels like they are always watching and maybe manipulating events behind the scenes for their own amusement.

write a review of macbeth

It appears that some minor editing of the play has occurred here, but nothing too noticeable. The whole play flows well and moves along at a good pace, their was always something just waiting to happen so nothing was dragged.In Macbeth, William Shakespeare's tragedy about power, ambition, deceit, and murder, the Three Witches foretell Macbeth's rise to King of Scotland but also prophesy that future kings will descend from Banquo, a fellow army captain.

Running Head: Macbeth Critical Review of Macbeth by William Shakespeare [Aijaz Ahmed Shaikh] [Karachi University] Critical Review of Macbeth by William Shakespeare Introduction Not only is Macbeth by far the shortest of William Shakespeare’s great tragedies, but it .

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Macbeth, A Review Essay Words 4 Pages As a virgin to The Shakespeare Theatre, I was pleasantly surprised when my recent encounter with Macbeth was a stimulating and enjoyable excursion. Macbeth is a Shakespearean classical tragedy evolving out of the hero's all-encompassing ambition.

The supernatural witches add much to the horror and dread of the play. Macbeth is a conflict of good and evil. Summary: Macbeth is the story of a fearless warrior and inspiring leader brought low by ambition and desire. A thrilling interpretation of the dramatic realities of the times and a reimagining of what wartime must have been like for one of Shakespeare’s most famous and compelling characters, a story of all-consuming passion and ambition, set in war .

Dec 04,  · In short, Macbeth is an entertaining film that was made with being a more accessible watch by being loosely based on the source material and including more eye candy with beautiful screenshots of Scotland and plenty of action%(35).

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